Her staging increased the final selling price!

Nancy Nino did an excellent job of preparing the property for showing. I am sure her staging increased the final selling price. She also was diligent to make sure all the potential buyers' questions were answered to their satisfaction. She represented us the sellers very successfully. ~ Mary Tom

Start to finish Nancy is an outstanding Realtor!

Start to finish Nancy is an outstanding Realtor. She is the paragon of professionalism and highly distinguished from her peers. I would recommend her to any of my friends without hesitation. She took the time out of her personal life on nights and weekends to help me find exactly what I was looking for and equipped me with the information I needed to make an educated decision as a buyer. She truly sets the standard for the profession and demonstrates the character that all realtors should strive for. ~ Michael Fink

Nancy was relentless in helping us find our house!

Nancy was relentless in helping us find our house. We worked with her for over a year, most of which was while we lived in Florida. She overcame the distance, the time difference, the obstacles associated with not being able to see properties first hand, the Covid pandemic restrictions, and just about everything else one can imagine. She made countless special trips to properties on our behalf. These included personal video tours that she would send to us via WhatsApp. I cannot count the number of questions that Nancy fielded from us and put the time and research into getting us answers for each of them. Nancy was extremely thorough in the closing process. She found an error in the tax structure that everyone missed except her. Despite being assured by the lender that it was correct she did her due diligence and stood by her position. This saved us as buyers a significant amount in our monthly mortgage. We simply cannot thank Nancy enough for the hard work that knew no limits. ~ Stan and Cathy Tribble

The best Realtor I worked with over the years in all my numerous purchases and sales!

Nancy was the best Realtor I worked with over the years in all my numerous purchases and sales of my properties. The property we bought had a ton of work done recently, so we had numerous inspections, and Nancy was always prompt, first to the property with all the doors unlocked for the various inspectors as well as my wife and I. Through the purchase process, many zoning, code and other problems arose, and Nancy always was on the phone within minutes, trying to find us answers to our various questions. She helped us renegotiate to get a seller credit to cover closing costs, and then helped us again, when the appraisal came in below our offer. We ended up saving a ton of money because of her hard work and are truly grateful for her professionalism and friendship. We still have a group text between my wife, Nancy and I, and are always sharing house projects that we are doing at her request! Nancy is a great realtor, she has my recommendation to any family/friends looking to buy or sell. ~ Greg and Touri Bradley

Nancy was truly exceptional

Nancy was truly exceptional...she was quick to do the work, prepared for placing my 2bedroom, 2bath townhouse for sale by "Staging" it so very well...I couldn't readily recognize my unit from the photos when I saw them on the computer! I saw charm and beauty, in and out, the living areas and courtyard!! She had it spruced up very quickly, had an "open house" with two buyers in a very short time. She did the best job for me. She also did the same for a friend who bought a unit through her good services. And my friend's friend from the mainland bought another unit as she helped him by taking care of all the details to his greatest satisfaction. I thought..."Wow"! ...maybe she could do to as fine a job for me... and she really did!!! I liked the fact that she often communicated with me, so it did not feel like it was as "daunting-a-task" that it had seemed to me, because of how she worked gave me an assurance that she could bring the sale to completion! ~ Jackie Shak

She will always negotiate on your behalf

She is knowledgeable, hard working and good listener. She offers good advice but in the end will follow your decision and represent you in negotiations with the other party. She will always negotiate on your behalf based on your decision and proposals. ~Vicky and Dwight Shen