Real Estate Market 3 Common Mistakes of Trying to “Time the Market” 1. Thinking you’re going to appreciate enough to turn around and sell for a profit in two years. The last few years were remarkable. COVID-generated low interest rates and inflation caused buying power and values to soar. For example, I had one client who bought in October 2019 and sold in September 2022 for a […]
Real Estate Market US Migration Trends While our focus is in HI, tracking national trends can be helpful in understanding US real estate from a macro level. Per Redfin’s research: “Nationwide, 25% of homebuyers searched to move to a different metro area between Feb ’23 – Apr ’23. The top 5 states homebuyers searched to move to were Florida, Texas, Arizona, […]
Home Life 30 Questions to Ask Around the Thanksgiving Table The blog “Of the Hearth” shares inspirational “stuff of life” and this list they shared in 2017 is no exception. If you could thank one person (living or dead) for his or her influence on your life, who would you thank? What is one thing that you really appreciate about someone at the table? What […]
Financing September 2022 – What the fed hike means for you As we are entering into a new season of the year, we’re also seeing new things in the mortgage market. William Rodriguez, Senior Loan Advisor with Smart Money, based in Honolulu, sends out a weekly “Markets in a Minute” video that I find very informative (and efficient!). This past week, William also shared some further […]
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